The Sentence Game


This is an absolutely AMAZING game to unlock your creativity & the brilliant writer within! You sign up for one month & I send you a single inspiring sentence every Tuesday for 4 weeks. You open the email & write – without thinking or editing – for 10 mins… I promise you’ll be astonished & delighted by what you create – & soon you’ll discover you’re able to write ANYTHING – with enjoyment, ease & brilliance in all areas of your writing life! I’ll send you individual feedback (within 48 hrs) every time.

Cost: £24.95.   $29. (approx)  €26. (approx)

The next game starts on 4th of June!

Summer Special: Sign up for 3 months (June, July & Aug) & get 10% OFF!

Cost: £67.50.   $80. (approx)  €70. (approx)


“Thank you for holding up a mirror to me so that I can see my writing more clearly. I love being able to see my work through your eyes because I seem to miss all the subtleties in my writing that you point out. Thank you thank you for showing me what I don’t yet see! What’s amazing is when I first read the sentence I feel dread and think “OMG I have NO idea what to write!”  And then I just say “Forget it. Type the sentence and go!” And then as you promised, my creativity always takes the lead and something something wonderful comes out!  Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your creative genius with us which allows us to find our own genius!” Alex E.

“Having never having written creatively previously, I found so much from myself that I didn’t know was possible. This is better than therapy! Very much a Mindfulness in the moment. I now look forward every Tuesday and Thursday to see what will come up next. At first I was concerned about sharing my immature efforts with people I perceived to be experienced, but have found instead lovely people who offer kind feedback. Support from you Menna is always thoughtful and encouraging. Thank you.” Liane C.

“I just signed up again! Can’t stop the game right now! It’s so much fun and I so much love your beautiful and kind comments. It also helps me with my work ’cause I practise just writing without thinking. So lovely and fulfilling!” Jutta W.

“This is sooo much fun! When I was a kid, I used to write stories. That’s how I entertained myself. The limit of 10 minutes is so perfect. I set my timer and let my mind go wild. It is usually on overdrive and with each word I wrote, it offered a whole range of new sentences. I just tried to type whatever wanted to be typed, without editing. Writing is so much slower than thoughts. Like speech. So super cool…. Thank you for the lovely opportunity of self-expression!” Stephanie H.

“The Sentence Game has opened up a creative flow and engaged a part of my imagination that was dormant! It’s a stream of aliveness that adds light & color & sweet beauty to my day & stimulates dreams at night! It’s a strange & delicate dimension of me that I am grateful for.” Joe C.

“Playing the Sentence Game with Menna has truly magical effects: when I first read the sentence I may have no idea at all where I could possibly take it. But when I get started, there are suddenly no limits regarding genre, characters, or plot – and the result is always absolutely amazing!” –Vin P.

“The Sentence Game is wonderful. It connects me with my intuition, my inner self. You have given me back the faith in my writing and made it so much fun. As soon as I have sent off my sentence, I am looking forward to the next one to arrive!” – Verena F.

“One of the things that is amazing about this game is the opportunity to explore so many different styles. Each sentence has its own flavor and is a springboard into a unique, new story… The sentence game is incredible – it has unleashed my creativity in a whole new way. My experience of writing is easier (and more fun!) than ever!” – Leah C.

“This game is a very rare and totally fun way of connecting with myself and others — Joy of a very high order!” – Frances R.

“With fun games & no time to second guess oneself this Sentence Game is one of experiencing that the magic is in this moment and now this moment, not in hanging on to before nor skipping ahead to worry the future. Yehaw! Fun fun fun!” – Lenore C.